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Koolflex Hyperextension Hinged Elbow Brace (EC15-PC)
The Hyperextension Hinged Elbow Brace (EC15-PC) is designed to control range of motion and help prevent hyperextension of the elbow joint. It can be used as a preventative brace or in the management of a hyperextension elbow injury. Keep your elbow safe and secure...
KC64-NOS: "Knee Mate" Wrap Around with Hinges. KneeMate Wrap KC64-NOS: "Knee Mate" Wrap Around with Hinges. KneeMate Wrap
KneeMate™ Wrap Around with Hinges (KC64-NOS)
The KneeMate™ Wrap Around Brace with Hinges is a protective brace designed to provide support and stability to the knee joint. It is indicated for individuals with medial/lateral collateral ligament instability, ACL/PCL sprains, arthritis, patella pain, or mild to moderate joint instability related to...
From $88.95
From $88.95
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The Knee Sleeve. 2-sided Neoprene (K9-O)
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From $15.49
S10: Arm-adillo II Shoulder Stabilizer S10: Arm-adillo II Shoulder Stabilizer
Arm-adillo II Shoulder Stabilizer (S10)
Introducing the S10 Arm-adillo II Shoulder Stabilizer - a top-of-the-line shoulder stabilizer designed to meet your needs. The S10 boasts a durable foam material with binded edges, a versatile abduction control "X" strap, and improved sizing in the torso, chest, and biceps. It is recommended...
From $119.95
From $119.95
KC64-PC: Knee Mate™ Wrap Around with Hinges KC64-PC: Knee Mate™ Wrap Around with Hinges
KneeMate™ Koolflex Wraparound Brace with Aluminum Hinges (KC64-PC)
The KneeMate™ Wraparound is designed to provide support and stability to the knee joint. It is indicated for individuals with arthritis, mild to moderate anterior/posterior cruciate instability, and medial/lateral instability. It is a good brace for use in post-op management. It will also provide...
From $53.95
From $53.95
Tennis Elbow Strap with Velfoam Pad (E5) Tennis Elbow Strap with Velfoam Pad (E5)
Tennis Elbow Strap with Velfoam Pad (E5)
The E5 Tennis Elbow Strap with a Velfoam Pad is designed to provide targeted compression and relief for pain caused by tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis). Whether you're recovering from an elbow injury or looking to prevent one, trust this elbow strap to provide the...
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Injury Info

Wrist Braces for Football Players: Ensuring Safety on the Field

31 Oct 2023 0 Comments

Football season has arrived, bringing with it the exhilaration of the game, the cheers of the crowd, and the unwavering pursuit of victory. The wrist is one of the areas of an athlete's body that is most vulnerable to strains, sprains, and fractures in this contact sport, so injuries are a real risk. Given the demanding nature of football, it's imperative for players to invest in preventative measures, and wrist braces are one such essential piece of protective equipment. 

The Crucial Role of the Wrist in Football

The wrist is a complex joint made up of bones, tendons, ligaments, and muscles that work together to carry out a variety of motions. Flexibility and strength in the wrists are crucial for football players. The wrist is constantly put under strain, whether it's holding onto the ball, stopping an opponent, or absorbing a fall.

But the repetitive impact and swift, high-force movements that are a part of football can cause a number of wrist injuries. The variety of possible injuries makes wrist protection essential, from minor sprains to more serious conditions like wrist fractures or ligament tears.

 Wrist braces serve multiple functions:

  • Support: Braces give the wrist the support it needs, which helps to prevent harmful movements. This helps prevent aggravation after an injury, in particular.
  • Compression: During recovery, the tight fit of wrist braces may help to reduce swelling and stimulate blood flow.
  • Stabilization: The wrist brace keeps the wrist in a secure position during high-impact activities, reducing the chance of strains or sprains. 


Types of Wrist Braces for Football Players

There are different designs of wrist braces tailored to meet the specific needs of football players:

  • Wrist Stabilizers: These braces are designed for athletes who have sustained wrist injuries in the past and need extra support to prevent further harm. To prevent excessive stress on the joint, they use rigid supports (often metal or hard plastic) inside of a cozy foam or fabric brace to restrict wrist motion.
  • Wrist compression sleeves: These are perfect for athletes who want some light support and injury prevention. Compression from these sleeves helps lower the possibility of sprains or strains. They are suitable for players who have not sustained serious wrist injuries but need protection and slight stabilization because they are frequently made of flexible, breathable materials that allow for a full range of motion and comfort.
  • Wrist Straps: These are ideal for athletes needing a variety of support, particularly those who are making a comeback from an injury. The strap exerts pressure around the wrist joint, providing individualized support and, if necessary, restricting certain motions. This adaptability benefits athletes who may be at risk of further injury.
  • Therapeutic wrist braces: These braces are made for athletes recovering from severe sprains, tendonitis, or post-surgery. They incorporate features like heat retention and compression. They help to lessen pain and swelling, speed up healing, and limit harmful movements while offering strong support.
  • Customized Wrist Braces: Depending on their position, level of comfort, or medical conditions, some players need a special strategy. Custom braces guarantee a perfect fit, taking into account the person's specific requirements and frequently combining elements from different brace types. 


Why Choose New Options Sports Wrist Braces?

New Options Sports is a market leader in the production of orthopedic braces and supports with a remarkable 47-year track record. Why then should football players and others who are active choose our products?

All our braces are made in the United States, guaranteeing dependable craftsmanship that athletes can rely on in a sport where inferior equipment simply won't do. In addition to being of the highest quality, the materials we use are also latex-free, making them suitable for users with certain skin allergies or sensitivity issues.

New Options Sports is aware of the rigors and dynamics of sports like football. We have dedicated decades to perfecting goods that improve a player's performance in addition to being protective. By choosing New Options Sports, you invest in a legacy of excellence, where every stitch sewn has been guided by expertise, thorough research, and a genuine understanding of an athlete’s needs on and off the field. You're not just purchasing a wrist brace; you're enlisting a safeguard proven by time and driven by innovation.


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