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KC64-NOS: "Knee Mate" Wrap Around with Hinges. KneeMate Wrap KC64-NOS: "Knee Mate" Wrap Around with Hinges. KneeMate Wrap
KneeMate™ Wrap Around with Hinges (KC64-NOS)
The KneeMate™ Wrap Around Brace with Hinges is a protective brace designed to provide support and stability to the knee joint. It is indicated for individuals with medial/lateral collateral ligament instability, ACL/PCL sprains, arthritis, patella pain, or mild to moderate joint instability related to...
From $88.95
From $88.95
Koolflex Hyperextension Hinged Elbow Brace (EC15-PC) Koolflex Hyperextension Hinged Elbow Brace (EC15-PC)
Koolflex Hyperextension Hinged Elbow Brace (EC15-PC)
The Hyperextension Hinged Elbow Brace (EC15-PC) is designed to control range of motion and help prevent hyperextension of the elbow joint. It can be used as a preventative brace or in the management of a hyperextension elbow injury. Keep your elbow safe and secure...
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From $32.95
KC64-PC: Knee Mate™ Wrap Around with Hinges KC64-PC: Knee Mate™ Wrap Around with Hinges
KneeMate™ Koolflex Wraparound Brace with Aluminum Hinges (KC64-PC)
The KneeMate™ Wraparound is designed to provide support and stability to the knee joint. It is indicated for individuals with arthritis, mild to moderate anterior/posterior cruciate instability, and medial/lateral instability. It is a good brace for use in post-op management. It will also provide...
From $53.95
From $53.95
Tennis Elbow Strap with Velfoam Pad (E5) Tennis Elbow Strap with Velfoam Pad (E5)
Tennis Elbow Strap with Velfoam Pad (E5)
The E5 Tennis Elbow Strap with a Velfoam Pad is designed to provide targeted compression and relief for pain caused by tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis). Whether you're recovering from an elbow injury or looking to prevent one, trust this elbow strap to provide the...
L1: Elastic Lumbar Support with Neoprene Pocket Elastic Lumbar Support with Neoprene Pocket (L1)
Elastic Lumbar Support with Neoprene Pocket (L1)
The L1 Elastic Lumbar Support Brace is a back brace with elastic lumbar support and a neoprene pocket for heat moldable inserts or padding inserts. It is designed to provide support for individuals experiencing lower back pain, muscle spasms, or facet syndrome. It can...
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From $35.95
The Knee Sleeve. 2-sided Neoprene (K9-O) The Knee Sleeve. 2-sided Neoprene (K9-O)
The Knee Sleeve. 2-sided Neoprene (K9-O)
The K9 Series Knee Sleeve is an ideal choice for anyone experiencing mild to moderate knee discomfort. Whether recovering from an injury or arthritis, or needing support for your knee during physical activity, the K9 Series Knee Sleeve is a great option. It provides...
From $15.49
From $15.49
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Injury Info

Navigating Orthopedic Diagnosis: The Essential Role of X-rays and MRIs

21 Mar 2024 0 Comments

The Science of X-rays and MRIs

Before exploring their applications, it's crucial to understand what X-rays and MRIs are at a fundamental level.

  • X-rays: These are a type of radiation called electromagnetic waves that create detailed images of the body's interior. X-ray imaging is quick and painless, primarily used for examining bones, although they can also reveal certain issues with soft tissues.
  • MRIs: Magnetic Resonance Imaging uses powerful magnets and radio waves to create detailed images of organs and structures inside your body. Unlike X-rays, MRIs are especially valuable for imaging soft tissues and organs, providing high-contrast images that differentiate between healthy and pathological tissues.

    The Indispensable Role of X-rays in Orthopedics

    Orthopedic medicine relies extensively on X-rays. They are the first line of imaging used for a majority of bone and joint complaints. Here's why they are invaluable:

    • Fracture Diagnosis and Management: X-rays are the primary diagnostic tool for all types of bone fractures. They help determine the kind and extent of the fracture, guiding the treatment protocol, whether it be casting, bracing, or surgical intervention.
    • Identifying Joint Dislocation and Misalignment: X-rays show the relationship between adjacent bones, helping physicians identify dislocations and subluxations (partial dislocation) to undertake necessary re-alignment procedures.
    • Detecting Orthopedic Diseases: Various conditions such as osteoporosis, bone cancer, and osteomyelitis are detectable through X-ray imaging. Early detection is crucial to effective management and treatment of these diseases.
    • Monitoring Progress and Healing: Post-treatment, X-rays are used for follow-up assessment, allowing doctors to monitor the healing process and decide if a change in treatment, like the adjustment of orthopedic braces or a switch to rehabilitation, is required.

      MRI: The Detailed Window into Soft Tissues

      While MRIs offer a thorough image of soft tissues, X-rays are excellent for examining bones. Here's why MRIs are so important in orthopedics:

      • Diagnosing Soft Tissue Damage: MRIs are essential for diagnosing injuries related to ligaments, tendons, and muscles. For instance, it's the gold standard for assessing conditions like anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears, meniscus tears, and rotator cuff tears.
      • Identifying Spinal Issues: MRIs vividly show herniated discs, pinched nerves, or other issues in the spine’s soft tissue, guiding the therapeutic approach, which might include orthopedic bracing, physiotherapy, or surgery.
      • Detecting Tumors and Infections: MRIs can identify bone marrow conditions, tumors, and infections, often before they are visible on X-rays, facilitating early intervention strategies.
      • Pre-Surgical Planning: Before complex procedures, surgeons use MRI scans for planning by providing a clear picture of the anatomical area of interest, thereby increasing the precision and safety of the operation.

        Safe Navigation: Understanding the Risks and Precautions

        • X-rays and Radiation: Since X-rays involve exposure to minor radiation, it's avoided during pregnancy. Protective shields are used to avoid unnecessary exposure to other body parts.
        • MRI and Claustrophobia: The enclosed space of MRI machines might cause discomfort for some individuals. Open MRIs or mild sedation are alternatives used to address this issue.
        • MRI and Metallic Implants: The magnetic field of an MRI machine can cause issues with certain metallic implants. Patients with pacemakers, cochlear implants, or some types of orthopedic hardware should alert their physician and radiology team.

          Enhanced Outcomes: The Relationship between Imaging and Orthopedic Bracing

          Orthopedic braces can be used more successfully with accurate imaging from X-rays and MRIs, providing the following enhanced outcomes:

          • Customized Bracing Solutions: Precise imaging allows for the customization of orthopedic braces, ensuring they provide optimal support and alignment, thereby improving their effectiveness and comfort.
          • Informed Decision-Making for Treatment Plans: Accurate diagnostic imaging helps in making informed decisions about whether to use orthopedic braces as a primary treatment or an adjunct to surgery.
          • Monitoring Treatment Efficacy: Post-bracing, X-rays or MRIs might be used to assess the success of the treatment in cases of fractures or spinal issues, ensuring the problem is resolving appropriately.
          • Guiding Rehabilitation: For injuries requiring rehabilitation, periodic imaging can indicate when to start phasing out orthopedic braces, shifting focus to strength and flexibility exercises.


            The capacity to 'see' underneath the surface in orthopedics results in focused, successful treatment. X-rays and MRIs are more than just images of bones and tissues; they are about comprehending the story of each patient's body.

            Knowing the function of these essential instruments, whether you're a patient or a professional, guarantees that we have the resources to find out what's wrong and start the healing process.

            At New Options Sports, each orthopedic brace embodies this principle of informed care. We believe in supporting your steps with science, comfort, and a community of care. Visit our online store to find out how we blend technology, human insight, and quality support in every product.

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