VA Hospital Products


OAB: Pull-on OA Brace
OAW: Wrap around OA Brace with Patella Buttress
VAE10-U: Universal Elbow Strap with Gel Pad
VAKC9-OS: KoolFlex Knee Sleeve with Stays
VAKC19: KoolFlex Patella Slip-on Knee Orthosis
VAKC46 Koolflex Knee Orthosis with Positive Control distal strap
VAKC64: "KneeMate" Koolflex Wrap Around knee orthosis
VAKC84: Koolflex Slip-on Hinged Knee Orthosis
VAKI-T: Universal Knee Immobilizer
VAL5N: Lumbosacral support with optional thermoplastic insert
VALC10: Lumbosacral Corset Orthosis
VAWC33: Koolflex Komfort hand & wrist orthosis