OAW: Wrap around OA Brace with Patella Buttress

OAW: Wrap around OA Brace with Patella Buttress

The New Options Sports wrap-around OA brace design is best suited for patients who are more comfortable applying a knee brace with a wrap-around design due to limitations that do not allow for them to pull on a knee brace. Our patented patella tracking buttress also addresses soreness from patella arthritis that accompanies osteoarthriitis within the knee joint. 


  • Mild to moderate levels of unicompartmental osteo-arthritis of the knee, post Meniscal Repairs and post Micro-fracture surgery.
  • PDAC recommended L1843/1851. L1844 for Customs

 Features & Benefits:

  • The wrap around, single hinged and removable skarkskin patella buttress design addresses OA and secondary patella tracking issues.
  • The low profile, pre-set 7 degree offset NOS hinge provides OA relief that comes pre-set with 20 degree extension stop .
  • Brace comes with an extension stop kit of 0-30 degrees and a condyle spacer pad for added correction.
  • Thigh and calf paddles with lock down straps provide exceptional counter force without sacrificing comfort. Push mechanism not a pull. 
  • The removable, sharkskin designed patella buttress is patent pending. Plus interior sharkskin lining helps prevent migration.
  • The wrap around OA Brace is 14” and weighs 14 oz.

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OA Stacker pad Directions


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