K196: “Sharktrak” Wraparound Brace

K196: “Sharktrak” Wraparound Brace


  • Used for patellar tendonitis/subluxation, Chrondromalatia, and Post-op management


  • Relieves pressure and position of the patella with simple adjustments made on Velcro straps
  • Dual Dynamic Pulls: 1) Straight “C” pull tabs  2) Criss-cross “X” pull tabs
  • Universal Left or Right, dynamic pull tab buttress for desired pressure on the patella
  • Two posterior closures with anchor tabs for easy application
  • Patella opening for positioning and comfort
  • 1/8” UBL 1 side nylon, 1 side neoprene


Knee circumference

 This is a stocked item and can be shipped same day if ordered by noon Central. 

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