Suspension Sleeve (SSL-54)
Suspension Sleeve (SSL-54) with sharkskin interior

Suspension Sleeve (SSL-54)

This Suspension Sleeve is an airtight sleeve designed to provide a secure fit for knee prostheses while allowing for knee flexion range of motion.

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Suspension Sleeve (SSL-54)

Suspension Sleeve (SSL-54)


Suspension Sleeve (SSL-54)

Size: 00: 9.5"-10.5"
Color: Black

Product FAQ

What is a Prosthetic Suspension Sleeve?

A Prosthetic Suspension Sleeve is a specialized sleeve designed to provide secure suspension and support for prosthetic limbs. It is worn over the residual limb to create a seal and maintain a secure connection between the limb and the prosthetic socket.

How do I choose the right size Prosthetic Suspension Sleeve?

It's important to choose the correct size of the Prosthetic Suspension Sleeve to ensure a proper fit. Measure the circumference of your residual limb at 5 inches above the knee. Select the size that corresponds to your measurements.

How should I clean and care for the Prosthetic Suspension Sleeve?

The Prosthetic Suspension Sleeve can be hand-washed using mild soap and water. Gently clean the sleeve, rinse thoroughly, and allow it to air dry completely before reusing. Avoid using harsh chemicals, bleach, or excessive heat, as they may damage the sleeve's material.

Can I wear the Prosthetic Suspension Sleeve for all types of prosthetic limbs?

The Prosthetic Suspension Sleeve is designed to work with various types of prosthetic limbs. However, it's important to consult with your prosthetist or healthcare professional to ensure compatibility and proper fit with your specific prosthetic device.

Is the Prosthetic Suspension Sleeve suitable for use during water activities?

The Prosthetic Suspension Sleeve is not specifically designed for water activities and may not provide the same level of suspension and security when exposed to water. If you engage in water-based activities, it is recommended to explore specialized waterproof prosthetic accessories or discuss alternative suspension options with your prosthetist to ensure optimal functionality and comfort.

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