“Sharktrak” Wraparound Brace (K196)

The K196 "Sharktrak" Wrap-Around Brace is a knee brace that can help relieve pain and provide support for people with patellar tendonitis/subluxation, Chrondromalatia, or post-op recovery. It has adjustable straps and can be worn on either knee, making it easy to use and customize for desired pressure on the knee cap.

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K196: “Sharktrak” Wraparound Brace

“Sharktrak” Wraparound Brace (K196)


“Sharktrak” Wraparound Brace (K196)

Size: X-Small/Small: 12"-14"

Product FAQ

What is the "Sharktrak" Wraparound Brace?

The "Sharktrak" Wraparound Brace is a specialized brace designed to provide support and stability to the knee. It features a unique wraparound design that offers customizable compression and a secure fit.

Can the "Sharktrak" Wraparound Brace be worn on either knee?

Yes, the "Sharktrak" Wraparound Brace is designed to be universal, which means it can be worn on either the left or right knee. Its ambidextrous design ensures versatility and convenience for individuals needing support on either knee.

Can I adjust the level of compression with the "Sharktrak" Wraparound Brace?

Yes, the "Sharktrak" Wraparound Brace allows for adjustable compression. The wraparound design and adjustable straps enable you to customize the level of compression based on your comfort and support needs.

How do I choose the right size for the "Sharktrak" Wraparound Brace?

To select the appropriate size, measure the circumference of your leg at the knee and at 6 inches above the knee, then refer to the sizing chart provided on the product page. It is important to follow the recommended guidelines to ensure a proper and comfortable fit for optimal support.

How should I clean and maintain the "Sharktrak" Wraparound Brace?

The "Sharktrak" Wraparound Brace can be hand washed using mild soap and water. Gently scrub the brace, rinse it thoroughly, and allow it to air dry completely before using it again. Avoid using harsh chemicals or machine washing and drying, as these may damage the brace.

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