NOS Cheerleading Elastic Wrist Brace (Pair)


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Sports Support Elastic Wrist Brace (Pair)

NOS Cheerleading Elastic Wrist Brace (Pair)


NOS Cheerleading Elastic Wrist Brace (Pair)

Size: X-Small: 4 ½"- 5 ½"

Product FAQ

What is the Cheerleading Elastic Wrist Brace?

The Cheerleading Elastic Wrist Brace is a specialized wrist support designed to provide stability and protection during practices, performances, and other activities that put stress on the wrist.

Can this wrist brace be worn during practices and performances?

Yes, absolutely! This wrist brace is designed to be worn during practices, performances, and other physical activities. Its comfortable and flexible design allows for unrestricted hand and wrist movements while providing the necessary support and protection.

How should I choose the right size for the wrist brace?

It is important to measure your wrist circumference to determine the appropriate size. Please refer to the sizing chart provided on the product page to select the correct size for a secure and comfortable fit.

How should I care for and clean this wrist brace?

It is recommended to hand wash this wrist brace with mild soap and water, then air dry it. Avoid using harsh detergents or bleach, as they may damage the elastic material. Proper care will help prolong the life and effectiveness of the wrist brace.

What is the return policy for this wrist brace?

Please refer to the return policy outlined on the New Options Sports website for detailed information regarding returns, exchanges, and warranty coverage.

If you have any further questions or concerns, don't hesitate to reach out to our customer support team for assistance.

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