W59: Soporte universal de muñeca "boomerang"

The Universal "Boomerang" Wrist Support (W59) provides compression and support for wrist injuries, ideal for recovery and enhanced wrist support during activities.

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W59: Soporte universal de muñeca "boomerang"

W59: Soporte universal de muñeca "boomerang"


W59: Soporte universal de muñeca "boomerang"


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What is the purpose of the Universal "Boomerang" Wrist Support?

The Universal "Boomerang" Wrist Support is designed to provide stability, compression, and support to the wrist. It helps alleviate discomfort, promote proper alignment, and assist in the recovery of wrist injuries or conditions.

Can I wear the Universal "Boomerang" Wrist Support on either hand?

Yes, the wrist support is designed to be universal, meaning it is one size fits all and can be worn on both the left and right hand. It provides bilateral support and can be easily adjusted for a secure and comfortable fit.

Is the Universal "Boomerang" Wrist Support adjustable?

Yes, the wrist support features adjustable hook-and-loop closures, allowing you to customize the fit and compression level according to your comfort and support needs.

How should I clean and care for the Universal "Boomerang" Wrist Support?

To clean the wrist support, hand wash it with mild soap and water, then air dry it completely. Avoid using harsh chemicals or machine washing and drying, as they may damage the material.

Can I wear the Universal "Boomerang" Wrist Support all day?

Yes, the wrist support is designed for extended wear. However, it is recommended to consult with your healthcare provider regarding the appropriate duration and frequency of use based on your specific condition.