KC67-NOS: 13 "" híbrido "de rodilla

La rodillera híbrida es una solución versátil para personas con piernas en forma de cono o muslos extra anchos, indicada para aquellos que sufren de inestabilidades de LCA/LCP, inestabilidad de ligamentos o artritis y manejo posoperatorio, con aberturas grandes y cómodas y un segmento elástico para la prevención. de un efecto torniquete.

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KC67-NOS 13" "Hybrid" Knee Brace

KC67-NOS: 13 "" híbrido "de rodilla


KC67-NOS: 13 "" híbrido "de rodilla

Talla: X-Small: 12 "-13"


What conditions does the KC67-NOS Hybrid Knee Brace help with?

This knee brace is beneficial for individuals experiencing conditions such as ligament sprains, mild to moderate knee instability, patellar instability, post-surgical support, and other knee-related issues. It provides stability, compression, and protection to the knee during activities.

How does the KC67-NOS Hybrid Knee Brace provide support and stability?

The KC67-NOS Hybrid Knee Brace features a combination of flexible materials and supportive stays or hinges. These elements work together to provide both compression and stability to the knee joint, helping to reduce pain, minimize excessive movement, and support the ligaments.

How should I clean the KC67-NOS Hybrid Knee Brace?

To clean the KC67-NOS Hybrid Knee Brace, remove any removable components (such as stays or hinges) if possible and hand wash the brace using mild soap and cold water. Rinse thoroughly and allow it to air dry. Do not machine wash or use harsh chemicals, as they may damage the brace's materials.

Is the KC67-NOS Hybrid Knee Brace adjustable?

Yes, the KC67-NOS Hybrid Knee Brace offers adjustable straps and closures, allowing for a customized fit and optimal support. The straps can be adjusted to achieve the desired level of compression and stability according to individual needs.

Can the KC67-NOS Hybrid Knee Brace be worn on either knee?

Yes, the KC67-NOS Hybrid Knee Brace is designed to be versatile and can be worn on either the left or right knee.

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