Custom Braces

New Options Sports can create custom braces for customers who have been with us for at least a year and who regularly order our standard line of products. Please be sure to use our custom chart for proper sizing before ordering. For example: If you need a knee brace for the right knee, please be sure to measure that knee.

Please Note: Custom measurements MUST be accurate. Give circumferential measurements in 2 inch increments for adult products and 1 inch increments for pediatric products for the total length of product. These measurements should be taken directly on the skin, not over clothing.

To order CUSTOM-MADE BRACES follow instructions above:

CUSTOMS: All made to order custom braces are NON-RETURNABLE.  Shipment is normally within three (3) working days. Prices for custom braces are priced at listed on the current New Options Sports Professional Price list plus the following custom upcharges:

  • $45.00 custom upcharge  for Knee and Elbow Sleeves, Wrists and Suspension Sleeves
  • $85.00 custom upcharge for Hinged Knee & Elbows, Lumbars, Groin and Shoulder, and any products not mentioned above.  

***NOTE***: Customs are non-returnable and non-refundable