OA Tracker Pull-on Single-hinged Black OA Brace

OA Tracker Pull-on Single-hinged Black OA Brace


  • 14" Black, 1/8" Koolflex pull-on unloader
  • Top and bottom closures and straps
  • Patella opening for tracking
  • Popliteal opening
  • Single-hinge w/7 degrees offset, hinge arms & paddles push
  • Hinge is on the side opposite of the affected side
  • Comes with ext stops and extra stacker condyle pads
  • Low profile
  • Rec L1843/1851


  • Mild to moderate unicompartmental OA of the knee
  • Medial or lateral compartments
  • Mescus tears and repairs
  • Microfracture procedures
  • PF tracking disorders that accompany OA
  • Soft brace for when a rigid brace is not indicated


  • 101KL01 (Indicates Left knee medial OA or Right knee Lateral OA)
  • 11-XS, 17-Small, 13-Medium, 8-Large, 3-XL, 15-XXL, 18-XXXL, 10-XXXXL
  • 101KR01  (Indicates Right knee medial OA or Left knee Lateral OA)
  • 8-XS, 8-Small, 10-Medium, 8-Large, 13-XL, 5-XXL, 8-XXXL, 9-XXXXL



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