S10: Arm-adillo II Shoulder Stabilizer

S10: Arm-adillo II Shoulder Stabilizer

 The  S10, Arm-adillo II shoulder stabilizer is a re-design of the original S5 Arm-adillo. Upgrades include a durable foam material with binded edges, stronger and more versatile abduction control "X" strap and better sizing in the torso, chest and biceps. Gone is the Velplush but as one distributor stated; "I'll take better durability over breathability after testing it." 


  • Pre-surgical shoulder instabilities
  • AC seperations
  • Rotator Cuff, Labrum, Biceps, and Triceps reapirs.
  • Rehabilitation phase support
  • Return to activity shoulder support as in athletics
  • Recommended L3675


  • 1/8" Foam surrounded by UBL
  • Fits left or right shoulder, male or female
  • Versatile "X" strap controls for shoulder abduction and flexion 
  • Universal sized biceps closure
  • A/C pad that also assists in shoulder girdle support
  • Only chest size needed. 5 Multi-sizes. 
  • Binded borders for better durability
  • Torso closures on both sides accomodate a better fit 


www.youtube.com/watch     S10 Fitting Instructions

www.youtube.com/watch      Difference between the S5 and S10



Chest Size


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